What Simpsons quote is the greatest of all time?

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Legal market analyst Jordan Furlong unwittingly instigated this with a blog post on the legal profession that borrowed from a wonderful Homer Simpson quote. His mistake, however, was to suggest that his chosen quote was the greatest of all-time. We were not prepared to let him turn Twitter into a house of lies.

Single knock-out competition

A bunch of us got excited on Twitter about the idea of a Simpsons Quote bracket to identify the Greatest of All-Time. In no time, we had over 100 quotes, then over 200 within 24 hours, and a desire to see this thing happen. Meet my co-conspirators  Alison, Ava, Julie, and, of course, Jordan.

Having declared ourselves the executive, we took on the task of reducing the list to the 64 competitors that will fill out the bracket, and devices categories for each quadrant. Our method was to each select 15-30 favourites within a category and then tally up the points for each to determine seeding within each  category:


  1. Legally Simpson
  2. Homerisms
  3. Series Regulars
  4. Bit Players and Guests

The Tournament! (click number of open round)

Voting: August 7-13, 2018

coming soo

Voting: August 13-17, 2018

Voting: August 17-21, 2018

Voting: September 10 - 13

Voting: September 14 - 17

Voting: TBD


No d'oh!

Seriously.  "d'oh" is not in the running here.


Because there's no satisfaction in seeing it win, and seeing it lose wouldn't be much fun either

The Competitors!

Grateful to the amazing people behind Frinkiac.com, as their incredible GIF maker made it possible to easily show you the quote in its original context.

Want a copy of one to campaign for your favourite? Here are the files

What happens next?

Honestly? We haven't thought that far head. We're a little slow. Check back later.

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We're making this up as we go along, but even if it doesn't goes beyond a few people in our respective Twitter circles, this should still be a lot of fun.